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The congress covers four major subjects. The first part begins with an overview of the actual situation of small-scale farming worldwide, the consequences of globalisation and climate change for the rural population, with key speakers from the political sphere, academics and representatives of social movements for peasants and people from the rural areas. Peasants will present concrete examples of the small-farming situation in Asia, Africa, North and Latin America, Pacific and Europe.

The second part covers international issues and problem areas with which peasants are confronted – namely the struggle for water, land and seed, price and subsidy policies, food, patent law, cultural self-determination, rights of women in rural areas, protection of nature and the environment, and many others.

In the third part, various approaches and examples of efforts are presented to recognize and uphold the rights of small scale food producers in local and national legal frameworks. Particular attention will be given to look into the draft declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas that is currently being discussed in an intergovernmental working group of the UN Human Rights Council.

After an outlook on the perspectives of small scale farming under the conditions of globalization and megatechnologies the fourth part concentrates on the discussion and the adoption of the congress-resolution and discusses strategies to strengthen peasants’ rights.

Political representatives of states involved in the UNHRC will be present to explain their role and attitude in the process towards a declaration.


The congress will conclude with a resolution including the comments and opinions of participants on the subjects discussed and their demands.